(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

Trapped In A Spider's Web

He stepped
on his guilt


'Shhhhhh! '
he whispered

to him

as he took off
his footsteps

one by one

(put them
in his pocket)

and continued on
in silence.


His guilt
knew him

for what
he was

a no good
lying two faced cheat

yet his

hid this fact

from everyone else

except those
whose soul he'd hurt.

'Shhhh! '
smiles guilt

'I won't tell

..if you don't! '


He became


lost his clothes

shed his skin

unpacked his bones

arranged neatly
his vital organs

one by one
before him

'Mmmmmm...there seems
to be something(missing?)
but I just can't put my finger on it! '

Seems he had mislaid
his soul

left it upon the shelf

gathering dust

in a spider's web

with only two dead
bluebottles to talk to.


I guess you can guess I don't like this individual...this is a hymn of dis-praise to him.

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Comments (2)

So, how much better it is, then, to write out your venom for someone, nastying up the pure white page....than to stab him or her in the heart! Well done, my friend, in a harmless way! !
You may do not like this individual, but in the poem it still seems charming, smiling, not bad enough :) - a weak human being, caught in a dark spider`s web. Very well penned - you lack true spitefulness to hate this individual, I guess. Correct me, if wrong.