Trapped In Memories

Nothing that has me trapped,
In memories passed is coming back!
No thrill I will upon myself...
Comes to repeat.
Like soft keys on a piano played!

And although I may mellow with age,
Like a fine wine...
No amount of it I drink,
Dances in my mind to comfort or soothe
The reality of you not being near
With me now!
I am hungover with too much hope!
Doped up,
With a love I can't let go!
And I'm paying too much of a price,
Trying to drink you here into my life again!

'Once more...
Play for me Frederic!
I am in a prelude in e-minor mood.
Play until this opus leaves my scope! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (3)

Memories that haunt............keys stroked in my mind will not bring you back to thine! Once more...a chord struck. Best Wishes and Happy Holidays...Diane
its very nice i love the comparison
Familiar with Chopin?