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Trapped In Side.........
(07-10-1972 / Ohio)

Trapped In Side.........

No were to go
no were to scream while hi den inside my darken dream
I tire to scream,
I tire to run can't anyone hear my plead
you look at me and you will not see the person who hide deep with in
my shell is hard my shell won't break no matter how much I scream
I look around for someone to see the scared person who lies with in me
I feel no love,
I feel no hate for emptiness is all I see
for I walk around and I might breath as no life lives with in me
the tear come down put none one can see because,
the tears hide beneath the dream
If I can't wake for my prison in me then the world will know me as I sleep
for the pain I feel will sleep with me.

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