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Trapped In The Elevator With Ella Mae Moskowitz

and Harry Feldman, two hours already
“Help is on the way, ” said Bob Bonaparte
assistant custodian at Spinoza HS.
Harry repeating for the third time, “Go help the poor
not everything for yourself.”
Eventually I said softly,
“Gimme a new line.”
“Certainly, Bernstein.”
Then he stared at Ella Mae Moskowitz
and said tenderly, “Today we shall do it
without lubrication.
This Commandment the Lord has given me.”
Ella Mae Moskowitz replied, “My first general order is:
I will guard everything
within the limits of my post
and quit my post only when properly relieved.”
Suddenly both kissed, then separated.
“What the fuckery is going on? ” I mumbled.
“The Lord has blessed us, ” said Harry
and Ella Mae added, “It’s all about suffering.”
Without warning the fluorescent light
flickered, then went out
and the gyrations commenced
and I waited in the corner
listening to love.

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Charles, Another epic of humanity. Juxtaposing suffering and love is what life does in its twists turns and gentle (and not so gentle) ironies. A touching and sweet poem with compassion and humor.
'it's all about the suffering'