Trapped In Time

Where are those days, when i used to smile.

I used to sing and I used to fly.

When the never ending happiness used to surround me all day.

Hanging out with friends, chatting, dancing were all that I used to do,

but now i hardly pretend to...

Gone are those days, who used to shine,

now all I’m left with is trapped in the time.

Didn't even realized when i lost my smile,

badly curled and trapped in the world, and forgot who was i..

Aaahh! ! !

Trapped in the time..

They who used to be my friend now hardly talks,

and now only loneliness follows as i walk.

As the days passed on, i found someone,

someone who was there in need,

who became my strength as i plead.

but here also my bad luck followed, and i started felling for him,

but never did he do...

I started loving him, didn't even realized,

and here also i surrendered to my life.

My parents wanted him to marry my sister,

i begged them, i screamed to the world that i LOVE that guy,

yet no one understood.they gave me a fake console and they lie.

They wanted me to take a step back,

but how could i, because my heart is under attack.

My heart cannot bear this pain,

Oh! ! God please help me out,

I'm screaming inside, about to shout.

with every second i breath,

my heart skips a beat.

Gone are those days, Gone are those SMILES...

Gone are those wings who let me fly,

now m left with grief soul who makes me cry..

Aaahhh! ! ! !
Badly curled in worst TIME.....

by Zainab rasool

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The feeling of being trapped is the worst. Thanks for sharing, ZaInab Peace