A Heart Palpitating With Mine

I have never seen eyes more mesmerizing than yours; the majestic seduction with which they fluttered under brilliant sunlight,

I have never seen lips more rubicund than yours; the way they smiled unceasingly even in the most bizarre of affliction they were circumvented with,

I have never seen hair more voluptuous than yours; the stupendously ravishing swirl in which they imprisoned every onlooker who transgressed by,

I have never seen a skin more resplendent than yours; the way it immaculately sparkled right since the first ray of ephemeral dawn; to the deathly hour even well
past after chilly midnight,

I have never seen a nose more piquant than yours; the astounding ability it was bestowed upon to smell; profusely relish and enjoy each fragrance in the
placid atmosphere,

I have never seen sweat more passionate than yours; the astronomically alluring vivacity it was endowed with; to drive away somebody's breath; like a meteor
shot from the blue sky,

I have never seen cheeks more flirtatious than yours; titillating me to the most unprecedented limits and even beyond fathomless eternity,

I have never seen a voice more melodious than yours; the ingratiating aura which it radiated profoundly as it rose and fell with the silken clouds drifting in the sky,

I have never seen a shadow more fascinating than yours; the enchanting trail of mysticism it left for centuries incomprehensible; as it lingered on even after the Herculean day had subsided,

I have never seen a smile more gorgeous than yours; the incredulously ecstatic virtue in it; that made it the irrefutable darling of all tribes,

I have never seen a conviction more firmer than yours; the tumultuously resilient ease; with which you rose up dauntingly to every task of life,

I have never seen hands more impeccable than yours; the dainty caress with which they spread their magic to every object they laid oligarchic demeanor on,

I have never seen a stomach more pristine than yours; the overwhelmingly fabulous way in which it nimbly swished; as the moist carpet of grass made you wonderfully yawn,

I have never seen a character more spotless than yours; the insurmountably floating unbiased empathy in your spell binding conscience,

I have never seen a mind more ingenious than yours; relentlessly fantasizing every unleashing minute; perceiving the most celestial of angels infinite feet above the cosmos,

I have never seen blood more crimson than yours; euphorically traversing through your body at lightening speeds; imparting all surrounding you with spurts of boisterous life,

I have never seen ears more enamoring than yours; the delectable string of feathery sounds they had this uncanny ability to decipher; while the world outside just kept delving into monotonous business,

I have never seen breath more fiery than yours; the unsurpassable ardor and tenacity with which it flowed like a fulminating volcano down your nostrils; bonding
me inseparably with its royal grace,

And let apart seeing; I am sure that there doesn't exist a heart more compassionate than yours; a heart which loves me above all entities trespassing through
this Universe; a heart which has since times immemorial always remained and palpitated with mine.

by Nikhil Parekh

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That is NOT the entire poem! Full text from my personal copy of 1977's Love is a Dog From (with spacing intact) : don't undress my love you might find a mannequin; don't undress the mannequin you might find my love. she's long ago forgotten me. she's trying on a new hat and looks more the coquette than ever. she is a child and a mannequin and death. I can't hate that. she didn't do anything unusual. I only wanted her to.
well explained indeed trapped like it
the title best explains this poem