Anytime, anyplace and anywhere,
If it is shown by someone to be known...
They believe a wasting of time,
And disrespecting others is fine...
There are problems that exist,
To be disregarded, ignored and dismissed.

Why is this behavior tolerated?
Why is this illness accepted like this?
To not make attempts to correct it?
When obvious it is minds ahve been infested.
And has a lot to do,
With so many today confused and neglected.

'Some people rather choose not to offend,
Anyone directly to have arguments begin.'

Yet it is okay,
To watch the ones become affected...
With this done as entire communities are destroyed.

'Whoa. Oh no. I didn't say that.
When I know someone is a liar I just laugh.
How you depict it with it said,
I don't find it that way to be 'that' bad.'

And that's sad.

'Oh? '

Look around.
You're not the only one around here who laughs,
While their lives are being trashed.
As they sit finding this hysterical.
Then to get upset to begin protesting,
When the police drag their feet to protect them.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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