Trashing To Bash Beliefs

Those who rise to opulent skies,
To make statements generated...
In mediums to deliver their knack for bad taste,
Are often heard giving their opinions...
As to why the ones oppressed,
Seem to be those they have limited to opportunities.
And their reactions are needlessly expressed.

Although displaying themselves they do,
To be saviors seen craving a self righteousness...
Without insight professed to confess,
Does not impress with the best of an image,
Addressed by those claimed to be disgruntled...
And misfit dissidents.

An escalation of ignorance,
Invites an escalation of more of it to exist.
It does not diminish,
To grant those a free pass...
With a disrespecting of those provoked,
As if a trashing to bash beliefs is a welcoming relief!

Those poachers encroaching on lands to destroy,
Increasing decrease their on peace to shread to pieces.
Without employing tactics to to pinpoint reason.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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