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I Still Love You
AS (22nd February 1957 / Orange, New South Wales, Australia)

I Still Love You

open wound
dislocated heart
misplaced from the start
lost in a dream
darkness approach
leaving all the sadness behind
the pain that you caused
is forever stuck in my heart
words are a cold as stone
you touch is as sharp as blades
cut me deep and hard
coming back around
just for a second round
i aint a game
i not to be played with
a living soul is delicate
easily broken
hardly woken
simply a kiss
will seal a broken soul
but only by a love one
your foolish games
has lost your chance on love
i thought your love might be true
this is the fifth time
heart broken by you
i guess i was wrong
i lost
what have you gained?
dont come back telling me all that bullshit! ! !
it aint even worth it
just leave
i found love again
i dont need to fall back in that path
i found love
i know she wont mess with my mind
or play games with my heart
she know i been hurt
she is sweet
she helps me heal
she is the reason i forgot about you
your in the past
im in the future
her and i are forever
i dont love you
not like before
in my heart
i still have you
i still love you
i still do....

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