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Travel Haiku - Mesa Verde National Monumentm (New Mexico)

Kokopelli's Cave Bed and Breakfast
we ask whether the roof

Kokopelli's Cave and Bed Breakfast
billionaire asks whether there are
any more caves for sale

After a day of exploring ancient cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde National Monument, return to your own cliff dwelling—a 1,650-square-foot cave-turned-apartment at Kokopelli's Cave Bed and Breakfast. Located just by Mesa Verde in Farmington, New Mexico, Kokopelli's is situated on a cliff face, tucked 70 feet below the surface of the 65-million-year-old rock formation and 280 feet above the La Plata River (not for those afraid of heights) . A sloping path and carved stone steps provide access to the dwelling's entrance, and the one-bedroom cave features a fully equipped kitchen, hot tub, and balcony with grand views.

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