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Travel India Haiku - Tamil Nadu Tiruchirappalli Rock Fort Temple
JTC (Jan 21,1960 / Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia)

Travel India Haiku - Tamil Nadu Tiruchirappalli Rock Fort Temple

Poem By john tiong chunghoo

Rock Fort Temple
to the temple at top
two bald women

The Elephant God or Ganesan in the Hinduism is said to be the god hindus would pray before they start a project to prevent obstacles. The elephant God temple on top of a hill is said to be very portent in granting wishes. I bumped into two Malaysian women on their way to the temple to thank Ganesan, they said, for having granted them their wishes. They shaved their hair to fullfil their vows to Ganesan.

Travel India Haiku - Mumbai

the city that refuses to let you

he asks about nothing else
but the Khan actors

the rich, the poor, the ugly
and celluloid Miss Indias

we refuse to wave

he hums the music of
his favourite bollywood music

rushing back to my room
for everything to quieten down

the glitters in the neon
and your eyes

peering at all the signboards
our dazzled eyes

India is a country full of unique and colorful sights and sounds, with everything from towering mountains and arid deserts to exotic cities bustling with the urgency of life. Start in the densely populated city of Mumbai, where fast-paced is an understatement and luxury is at its finest in Bollywood, the country's entertainment district. Mumbai has an answer to every traveler's desires, whether it's beaches for the sun-soakers, nightclubs for the party people, museums for the history buffs, or theatres for the art lovers.

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