Poem By Uloia Norris Moore

Many days many weeks
upon beaten path
such took mighty staff
all ways proved true when
in time of need

Stood farther along
said such path
less clearer than
day before

Water depleted few
crumb's of bread
weary to the soul

I lay down to rest
said such path

Gaze around hill valleys
the glades all
seem sound
yet not found

Unfamiliar to me
through thin air
magical sound
seems a whisper
I hear

Following such said vague
heard sound drawn up
the hill and yet still another
I come across a well

Fathomless bottomless
circumference I see with
naked eye

Yet forever I gazed
inside the silence
I so heard to speak
not in riddle

Stranger to me
it did ask
I can see
into your soul
unto me
so seems as

What do you saith now
most humble being
unto I it so seems

Were your words
from the belly of this
great well

They spoke though no
soundly this way pray tell
body weak many scars
from past battles

I see face of marble
for the mercilessly slain
rent heart nearly into
the soul of one of
a thousand years

What boon may I
do so for you
well did ask

saith the
to he make
me whole
health please
I so

So again
fourth may I
go out and do all
that you saw true

Please take this staff
my offering to you
ti's all that I do have
make said so come

Make it so

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