Traveling Companion

She always enjoyed traveling to new, unfamiliar places
They called to her like a mother to her child.
She only wanted to see the Ocean up close
And feel the feather light sprinkles of water
Attacking her face and her skin without warning

The Pacific Ocean, Gods greatest gift to mankind
Now that she was in the presence of unimaginable beauty
She felt she could stay here forever
But, she knew this was not the case

She made her way across the water soaked sand slowly
So, she could let her feet enjoy the same pleasures
That her face had willingly encounters moments ago
Her body tingled with the thought of where this water had been
Before it made its first impression upon her skin

Deeply blue and indefinitely traveling
To places unknown and unseen by her
She was honored to make its acquaintance
While she pondered how long she could continue this journey
A walkabout of this magnitude takes a lifetime for some
She, however, only had a day

How could she have waited this long
Now that her time on Earth was limited
For her, traveling was her life source
But now, she about to go on never ending journey
Traveling alone without a return date

Those damn cigarettes were the death of her
Yet in her youth, they made her feel
More alive than anything else she tried
Every puff, every gasp, every time she sucked the Cancer in
Her youth had fooled her into believing
That she could beat the odds by ignoring them
Alias, she was mistaken

As she made her way into the water,
The ocean opened and embraced her whole
Covering her pain and anguish
with waves that engulfed her

She opened her mouth gulping and sucking in the Ocean
Like a lover's erotic kiss
She felt her lungs expanding
Taking in all the Ocean had to give
Allowing her liquid lover to overcome her
So, they could travel this world together,
At peace, as one, indefinitely.

by Sandra Sneed

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