Traveling Dreams; Just Dreams

The nights being itself tonight
With the wind blowing against
The shutters that cover the holes
And there behind those I lay awake
Way past the time of sleep
Awake to the sweet sounds of nothing
Nothing at some great degree
(If that means a thing)
Yet I wander
My mind set sail on a dream
I'm in Russia
I'm in France

And right now it’s quiet

As a lay and travel the world
Mothers asleep in the next room
She even smiles at her rest
And brother with his eyes slightly open
On the couch in the den is doing his best
Even the mouse in the hole in the wall
From his full day of nibbles
And work lies in a ball
Rejuvenating for the next days tasks

And it's quiet

Steps and stumbles sound from the downstairs
Straight through the door
It’s the Majesty and his entire Royal
And screams at the top of his lungs
Echoes hear through out the halls
Takes her by the hair
A new day seems to have started
So I run away to far off lands
Like a place in Russia
Or the Beaches of France

And finally it's Quiet

by Jacob Rembrandt

Comments (2)

This poem shows that we run away from our daily lives in our dreams. I feel like this poem speaks of us rushing through our day so we can look forward to going home and living our fantasies. I dont know if it was just me, but i read the poem fast, and i assumed it was intentional (or maybe i just read fast) but in thinking it was intentional I felt a sense of urgency to enter into the next dream, so escape life i suppose! I love poems that make me think... keep your head up!
Far away places to dream for the rest of the soul, nicely done!