Mixed Tones

feelings of before hover,
cloud, smog up, blurring,
bowing to the past
cover the halls of now

different rude senses intrude,
sweet and sour turbulence
vibrations of nostolgia,
mixed with morbid, unwanted

give me back sweet innocence
reveal the true, reveal the you
let music play, strings, reeds
trill their dizzying, haunting chimes

their art and charms
echoing over and over
have little to do
with time and times,

search me out, in
deep confines and narrow
spaces, airless without
pattern or design

in moments morbid or apathy
they break the silence and
sing to me,
their music, tone and notes

resounding, creeping up
my being and trilling
on the inner ear

by shimon weinroth

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