Love Note 131

Good afternoon my darling one
I hope this day is going well
for you filled with sunshine.
It's rainy and overcast here
in Minnesota but my day is
bright with thoughts of you
feeling your loving warmth
and energy too,
it helps make the day better
in so many ways.

I'm still feeling weak from
being sick and need a small nap
but will write you as soon as I get up.
Not long I promise sweet one,
continue to feel my arms around you
knowing I'm right there at your side
hand in hand every step of the way,
I'm never leaving you in the cold dark
alone shaking and crying heart broken.
I'd never do that to the woman I love,
just you and me forevermore.

I love you sweet darling and
this small nap now for me,
I miss you so much and wish
we were together cuddling,
soon though I have no doubt
just my Angel and me nothing
will bother us ever again
or tear us apart.
I love you sweet lady
holder of my soul and heart.

by Michael P. McParland

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