Travels Of A Rock

Poem By jim foulk

One day as I was walking,
down the road so fair,
I spotted a rock,
just laying there.

What is one to do,
in a moment like this,
kick it of course, but
please don't miss.

So far the rock travels,
until someone else comes along,
sees the rock laying there,
they pick it up and sing a song.

They carry the rock a long ways,
with a flip and a toss,
into the pond goes the rock,
walking down this road, now they're lost.


Comments about Travels Of A Rock

I read one like this from a Chinese writer
Delicate to the eye, soft to the hearts touch, well done again Jim Love duncan x
Jim this is certainly original. I can honestly say I have never ever read a poem about a rock. This was a sheer delight to read. Top marks from me. Thanks for sharing it my friend.

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