Travels Of Love, Life, And Vision

Travels of Love, Life, and Vision

Testing out new waters,
Meters separating decisions
That cause a ripple,
In an otherwise
Mundane existence...

The wounds of the day
Manifest themselves,
As morning lights the night;
Alone, in the Summer
Of empty households,
A figure turns,
And cries Havok -
Their scream transcends
Any tendency towards weakness...

A mishmash of individualism,
Most notably across the association
Of danger with chaos,
The dual reactions dive in
With faceless bureaucrats -
The wages, non-negotiable...

Static love,
Bringing peace
To borders of channels
Out of range;
Time brings god(s)
To the soul,
And a world of dreams,
Sit solitary
With intentions of
Progressing through waves
Of differing visions,
Passing through our lives
As lightning escapes reality
In a blink of an eye...

Questions, left alone
On the side of our dreams,
As dust blows
Along the road no one
Seems to travel any longer...

A world,
Turning in on itself,
Time triggers movement,
As moments fold
Over seconds;
Emotions peek through
Openings of lost opportunities...

Dust-ups happen,
But listen closely
To what's being said -
A simple message
Falls at the doorstep
Of your soul....

by Tim Kimball

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