Travesties Too Tempting

A storm brewing threatens,
To bring devastation to denials.
And unprepared are those facing,
Trying trials to eliminate...
Can not keep their own feet,
From revealing secrets.
Spewing out of their unconscious mouths.
Without being asked or provoked.
Before judge, jury and those in total disbelief,
That these are the leaders claiming expertise.
In silence sit...
The judge, jury and others stunned,
By the overwhelming stupidity...
With every word heard that comes,
From the ones elected to protect...
Rule of law with all interest kept,
In following the law with compelling conviction.
No one expected to hear it admitted...
Many were compelled to commit themselves,
To travesties too tempting they could not resist.
Regardless of the rules and laws they break.
Isn't it theft that best represents...
What the people wish and want,
Seen for them to believe when presented.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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A well constructed write with a message that cannot be faulted.10