Poem By Nassy Fesharaki


Many years are gone by
How I wish were not mine.

Hate being as old as
Papers say that I am.

But also, in times, they
Gave chance to encounters.

As said Jewish friend:
"They make the difference."

By chance I, met David
Right before climbing
The track of Incas…

It was in Coroico
Bolivia, by Yungas,
He asked me:
"Can I come? "

A total unlike of
Jews, as I had about,
Was giving, generous
And spoke all the way.

Spoke of age, wisdom:
"They are not related,
Wisdom is not of age,
Growth is not by years,
It is bud, blossoms
Outside the comfort zone."

Then gave his example:
"Let us sit and compare
A banker ‘Nine to five, '
Between his home and work
Unlike young traveller."

"The latter rides vessels
Of sky, land, water,
Faces lots of dangers,
But look at prior,
Home, office, everyday! "

On that base, theory,
I am too crazy,
Eat the gingerbread
Of the witch, in jungles.
And accept paws of wolves.

I learn when in palace
Also, learn in jail cells.

David laughed and agreed.

Heard: "Crew of shipwreck,
Were the men of Ukraine,
The fishers are drowned."

Of this, I am aware,
Theirs and ours, are the same.

I stood for our rights
That took me in cell of
A damp and dark basement.

Always went in blind
Escorted by the guard
To answer the questions
Of the mean interrogators.

I think of the crew:
"Trawler caught fire,
And sank, is at seabed! "

Justice works as clay
Or wax with a master
Of the filthy changes,
Or men of Presidents!

The corrupt personnel
Fit in one echelon,
They fear their bosses,
Therefore, lie, embezzle.

In my case, they broke
Their own law on fishing:
"No, to deep trawling."

Was released after long,
In Dubai, went to find
A lawyer, to retain
My rights and the others'.

Was informed: "Main office
Of our firm, is inside Canada, "
But heard them tell me: "No
We fear to face them…"

Abandoned, felt like hay
Floating on the waves,
Lost my life, went bankrupt,
Left me kids and my wife,
All gossiped with insults!

Today's life is like mice:
"Hide in wall and shut up! "

To me, this is not life,
My leash is with unjust!

Prefer being gone
Out of world, better die!

Before death, have tried
To carve the facts on rocks.

Have reasons to defend
The injured and fallen
And resist injustice…

Keep loving all races,
And colours and cultures,
And genders and sexes
From all stages, and ages.

I care for, even beasts,
And cattle, pigs, and fish,
To chickens, and turkeys.

I know of deep fishing
Is making nets heavy
To go down, scavenge
The seabed and Nature!

Awareness is because
Was directly involved.

At the end of my court
That lasted almost year
Behind the brick walls,
In the jails, prisoner,
A random caring judge
Stamped, put seal on file:
"This is worth, original."

In times I open that,
Read the words of the case,
Many lies, fake claims
Against me, as agent
Of others, BBC, CNN…

Was plan, a "Set up"
All of it false and wrong
To abuse, suck blood
Of an anti mullah…

Wish I had never reached
Such an age while being
Powerless and lonely!

Mentally I am dead,
Squeezed in casket
Of darkness, in silence.

Of me left, is only
A sad and a mourning
Wandering spirit…

My only hope and torch
Is the fact: "Go fight for,
The rights of deprived till
You die or you succeed."

That is what I cherish.

Whenever look at pets,
Fixed or kept in a cage,
I feel hurt and injured.

In sweat my blood
Pours till I lose conscious,
And minds' eyes go blind!

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