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The Passionflower
(July 14,1982 / Los Angeles, California)

The Passionflower


I've got what you want
you told me to bring it
this box here for you
our ship's cargo
salvaged after wreckage
reminders of a voyage
a trip to Key Largo

What a grand time we'd had
up until that fateful day
the reef hit so suddenly
knocked us out for a moment
things would never be the same

Me, the nautical novice
You, with eyes like the ocean
Us, on a wayward rendezvous
To truly live is to drown in you

Revealed, I've now died
that I can accept
a treasure now kept safe
forever to you it is tied

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Comments (3)

thank you both for your comments
Seems a bit rushed, but salvageable - great premise
watch for typos (truely) ...I like the Key Largo reference and that line, 'you, with eyes like the ocean'...a simple line, but it works for me. Also, I'm a sucker for free verse and the use of assonance. good job.