Treasure Chest

Tomorrow always comes.
After yesterday has gone.
Giving more time to procrastinate.
And promises made.
To change those excuses to make.
But hesitate to do.
Knowing yesterday has gone,
With promises made to have done it.
And the pursuit of change.
What a struggle it can be.
Just the thought,
Of leaving such comfort behind.
Then to find the time,
Being reminded of it.
This alone can bring one to tears.
The agony.
The pain.
Unbearable it can get.
Enduring through
Such unrelenting suffering.

I apologize.
But ummm...
Have you considered,
Seeing a therapist?
Or find another table?
We are trying to enjoy our meal.
But sir,
Your personal reasoning...
Is causing us agony.
And, frankly...
Unbearable to listen to.
Do you mind?

I'm sorry.
Was I getting too pitiful?

You see that older couple over there?
You've got that woman crying."

That's my objective.
You see...
There's this lady I've been dating.
Who told me,
I was not honest with my feelings for her.
She said,
If I changed my approach...
She might be willing to,
You know,
Help me locate her treasure.
I was just re-reading the note,
I'm going to give to her later tonight.

Hopefully her treasure won't be vomit.
I have a suggestion."

That's great.
What is it?

"Get up.
Leave this restaurant.
And buy her some flowers."

What kind?

"The kind that will open her treasure chest.
I-dont-know. I am not a florist.
Make it the kind,
That will leave us to enjoy our meal."

I gotcha.
Good suggestion.
Great suggestion.

"No problem.
You might want to stop.
And explain yourself to that woman.
She deserves to know,
Your agony and pain...
Is meant for someone else to feel."

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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