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Poetry For Children: Happy Teachers' Day! ©
FA (05.12.1936 / Pulaski, TN)

Poetry For Children: Happy Teachers' Day! ©

Poem By Roann Mendriq

The scores are evening up:
I'm now behind
57 to 49
not a bad alignment
for a lowly freshman.

I stand by my convictions;
I still don't like 'Invictus, '
at least every day
somebody reads what I say,
tho I'm a lowly freshman.

I still don't understand
how I accrued eighteen
unsuitable messages. I mean
I'm not that underhanded.
I'm just a lowly freshman.

You see
what stats
say to me;
you're just a lowly freshman.

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Comments (5)

this new freshman understands you =: -) you got me to laugh at myself - for awhile there I thought I was nutzoid.
A great poetic mind opening his thoughts and don't take the unsuitable messages in such seriousness and the poetic talent can be nicely expressed and got evaluated by the serious readers who awakes your poems.
Now this poem is witty and humorous. Maybe the web designers will take a different approach soon. This whole Treasure Island thing is nonsense. Nicely done!
Lol, what a witty pen! Please don't mind it my friend, maybe those who put this game up will give up one day understanding that poetry is a thing to bring freedom, helping the minds fly, while games are only cramping the brains in one tiny, tiny space, limiting them to one task, same thing again and again.... grrrrrrrrrrrr
Don't feel so bad I'm a veteran poet and some how I got 60 dislikes for comments one unsuitable for a poem and someone doesn't like my poetry and my autobiography.I have no idea who they are except I think it's a conspiracy to keep me from reaching the top membership..I'm on here every day doing poetry homework and I feel so unappreciated.. at any rate your poem is really funny but I'm going to keep on plugging on until I reach the top...i live by the true spirit of poetry..good luck to everyone participating because I don't feel that this is a competition..It's just a nice way to learn more about this art.a ten from me for your funny poem..