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Treatise On Interpersonal Relations

In the workplace,
in the home,
amid smiles,
in silence,
the interpersonal
battle goes on:

The bulls of the out-going charge.
The feelings of the sensitive get trampled.
They withdraw and poison
the atmosphere with their resentment.

Some are skilled
with artifacts
of communication,
some have no tools
but the arrows
of their hatred.

But one day, deep inside
a wounded soul, birds
of emotion decide to fly forth,
toward the ears of companions.

Dark, sooty birds
turn white as they soar
out through the mouth,
down an ear and into a heart,
bringing reconciliation
like Noah's dove.

The air is clear,
as after a rain.
A new balance calms
and heals,

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there have been times I wish some remarks I've made hadn't been. strong work, Max. -Tailor
Those 'sooty birds' of unexpressed emotion have to fly if balance and calm is to be restored. A perfect poetic description of how blocked responses are fixed. Hearts and marriages are broken because those birds don't fly soon enough. Important stuff Max. Thanks for the terrific poetry! jim