The trees shed their leaves in the fall to make room for the winter. Now that the winter is coming to a close, the trees are shooting forth new leaves to show that summer is nigh. Therefore, what lesson do we learn from the trees?
The trees are a tonic to us if we can understand their sweet and sour life. We can also understand a little more about ourselves.
When the winter comes, we as human beings have to wear warm clothing to keep the body temperature from falling. But the trees have no protection. They go through the winter and snow without leaves.
Now that the spring is here with fresh ideas to make the trees look beautiful, new sets of leaves are preparing to meet the summer with the sun and blue sky, where the birds make music all day long, singing, "Where have you been so long? I've been in the south from the winter."
Learning fresh songs to cheer my friends of the green wood, sweetly, sweetly, I come to trees. Oh, little ones, sleep. The trees are more beautiful to admire than some of us. The trees have branches and limbs, but some of us have no branch or limb, just like a woman without a breast.

by Gertie Banton

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