Affliction? Submission! God Wants Your Attention

Afflictions are not always caused by the devil,
Sometimes it’s a sign from God to let you know,
That you’ve been heading in the wrong direction,
And He wants to put you back on the right road.

Satan has so many different paths to follow,
With thousands of schemes and ways,
When one or two don’t work immediately,
He’ll be back with a few more the next day.

It could be someone from the job you trust,
Maybe a respected member of your church,
Whatever or where ever it comes from,
It’s the last place you’d expect to receive hurt.

Initially there will not be any pain at all,
Wondering how far from grace you could fall,
Aren’t we supposed to love & respect each other?
Am I really mistreating my sister or brother?

It’s a question asked putting you on the other side,
Now it’s not so easy distinguishing truth from lies,
Or maybe as some say, it is only a state of mind,
Make it quick because you are running out of time.

When you do not read and adhere to the word,
Satan’s ways are the only desires you’ve heard,
And sadly only a calamity in life will get your attention,
God will only do His best work through total submission.

Psalm 119: 67, before I was afflicted I went astray,
Psalm 119: 71 & 75, caused me to see things Your way,
Psalm 119: 97, now I meditate throughout the entire day,
Psalm 119: 101, I am restraining my feet from every evil way.

The only problem is once you’ve changed your mind,
Planning your course from winding roads to a straight line,
Although your thoughts are now of the righteous kind,
You might be in that situation for a very long time.
Get on your knees with an intercessory prayer,
You might have to do something most see as very rare
Deuteronomy 8, God will humble, test, discipline, instruct,
This is not about being down on any type of luck.

It could be an affliction started from a generational curse,
Or due to something you’ve caused that might be worse,
Let sincere supplication guide you in prayer with humble remorse,
Trust that in the Lord’s time whatever will run its course.

Don’t waste time and mumble, grumble or complain,
Face the fact you will just have to endure the pain,
Remember, it’s sunshine that always follows rain,
And a close relationship with God you’re about to gain.

The Lord is only making sure you can be dependable,
Upstanding, straight forward, just and commendable,
Don’t wait for God to look down and give you this,
The evil one’s lies, hate and bitterness we have to resist.

Remember while waiting for the full manifestation,
The release is only a form of being on probation,
Should you continue to swim in the rivers of sin,
An affliction will come worse than the 1 you’re already in.

Jesus came so we that may have life more abundantly,
Book ofJohn 8: 32, the truth is meant to set us free,
Remember the significance of scripture John 10: 10,
Do not wait till it’s too late for the blessings to begin.

So whatever you’re going through always sing Him praise,
Giving (TIA) Thanks In Advance for the coming better days,
Why should it be easy opening your mouth to God and tell?
Well, all have done something that could’ve landed us in hell.

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