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Trees Don`t Die
KD (13-01-1998 / Vijayawada, India)

Trees Don`t Die

A seed sprouts and a life is born.
You are a tree, my friend
Stretching your hands to the sky.

A tree has a mind
It has thoughts and pains
Like you and me, friends.

A green friend holding me in the shade
You are my granny..
Sometimes you are my great granny...

Many birds live in you and fly around
Coluds float above you.
You are a tall wonder.

A tree has an enemy
A man coming with an axe.
Who will take away your trunk.

Don`t weep dear friend
Many like me will plant seeds deep
And you will be reborn.

A tree cannot die and just die alone
As our minds are green for it
A tree is our hope....

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Comments (3)

a lovely poem on trees...i wrote one..'among trees'...your's seem better
luv it. totaly agree with u, even if ppl say im a treehugger!
beautiful poem little one..., right from an innocent heart....you are so right in your perspective that trees dont die...they are born again...Nature is immortal, Liked reading your beautiful poem.., keep it up.