Positive Vs. Negative Thinking

Positive thinking must be firmly placed,
In the front or your mind to win the race,
Negative thoughts will pull you back,
With the also-rans at the rear of the pack.

Michael, Wayne, Roger and Barry,
Played the best during their prime,
A couple are still at the top of the game,
Think they negative thoughts any time?

When troubles begin to cloud your mind,
Which do you reach for first?
The bible, a drink maybe a cigarette?
Or something stronger and a whole lot worse?

Was Jesus God’s 2nd,3rd or other choice?
No! Our Father sent us His very best,
To be born again receiving eternal salvation,
Why in return give God anything less?

Putting Him first means what it implies,
Grab anything else you’ll never realize,
How many times is your truth replaced with lies?
Do you give 10% every time you tithe?

Maybe only what’s left from Saturday at the bar,
And don’t forget that fancy new car,
Or maybe I’ve already over estimated the call,
You might not be going to church at all.

Looks like the devil has put negative first,
Satan wants you to suffer and experience the worse,
Lucifer takes pride when you come in last,
You have to allow the positive to intervene fast.

I hear that’s easier said than done,
Not when concentrating on the only begotten One,
Remember, when Jesus died so did the past,
That’s how we put positive first and negative last.

When you let the devil get the upper hand,
It defeats the purpose or birth for the Son Of Man,
Don’t forget Philippians chapter four, one-three,
I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.

by Luke Easter

Comments (3)

a lovely poem on trees...i wrote one..'among trees'...your's seem better
luv it. totaly agree with u, even if ppl say im a treehugger!
beautiful poem little one..., right from an innocent heart....you are so right in your perspective that trees dont die...they are born again...Nature is immortal, Liked reading your beautiful poem.., keep it up.