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Oh something just now must be happening there!
That suddenly and quiveringly here,
Amid the city's noises, I must think
Of mangoes leaning o'er the river's brink,
And dexterous Davie climbing high above,
The gold fruits ebon-speckled to remove,
And toss them quickly in the tangled mass
Of wis-wis twisted round the guinea grass;
And Cyril coming through the bramble-track
A prize bunch of bananas on his back;
And Georgie--none could ever dive like him--
Throwing his scanty clothes off for a swim;
And schoolboys, from Bridge-tunnel going home,
Watching the waters downward dash and foam.
This is no daytime dream, there's something in it,
Oh something's happening there this very minute!

by Claude McKay

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I think I have never read a lovely poem such as this! ! ! Thank Joyce....enjoyed much!
Awesome piece! ! ! Poems are written by a fool like me but only God can make a tree....deep!
Relearning this poem from my youth😊
The poem is big not
Trees are our life......life can't exists without trees......
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