VW (17-04-1969 / India)


With my baggage and courage I had set out for a trek
To those mountains land about which I had read in book
Lot of preparation and dream were part of the program
It was a journey away from home to feel the curriculum.

Poet had described this land of mountains as paradise
Where you will taste the nectar in every step you place
He said ‘the one who visited this land is fully sanctified’
For this bless is what I wanted everything to be sacrificed.

I knew that – ‘to get something good, one has to be good’
Fitness of physic is one criterion along with power of blood
With all these set I was out with determination and will
Never thought, ‘what would be the momentum at hill? ’

Days of journey took me to the foot of the mountain
Everything was stable and all dreams seemed to sustain
Cool breeze at the bottom enhanced the vision of mind
Phantasm never revealed the stock, which I was yet to find.

Lyrical sense had stuff to get blossomed at the very foot
The height and beauty of ascend was brought to the script
I was writing on and on with passion, concern and curiosity
Still no clue or no jiggle, was there in the sense of elasticity.

Whistle blew and all in-group set to the destiny of height
Silence of jungle was disturbed with so much of chat
Purity of river was at stake to wash the feet of all with woe
I felt, life which took shelter at mountain were at toe.

Those who had ears could hear the song of flies and birds
Trees and creepers talked to each other with strange sounds
River flew to the tune of jostling wind and moving clouds
White marbled shining shrine at top waited to embrace all.

Midst of entire hubbub, I was walking with silence
Watching and studying whole concept with glance
Could not find many who respect the serenity of peak
Very few smiles found in return, by the accompanied flock.

Mount exhibited its true stature in the further stretch
What looked green from far had some other colored sketch
Writing started loosing its track when I was on real tract
All got engrossed in medicating their wounded body part.

It was difficult to gasp though there was abundant air around
Couldn’t hear the music of river though it was silence beyond
Pulling the ailing body, all seems to have lost much of the best
Celebration could be found with few that too only at rest.

By now, the softness of rough bed at home was remembered
Recalled the taste of food they had and still complained,
The prick of thorn while plucking the rose, for which they cried,
The dust and pest about which there were worried.

Those who harped on their bulgy muscles and tough skin
Now realized that the power of brain and tolerance will win
To conquer the height, all we want is sheer will power
Mainland also applies same rule to all the lives it cover.

At last, the top of scale was reached to the sigh of hikers
It was time for celebration and all looked matured trekkers
The reluctant also started enjoying the height of the mount
Taste of life and its achievement was worth to count.

Invisible lessons took themselves to preach in absolute muteness
There one could see real textures of different shape and class
Yelling voice, grumbling face, lost energy, shattered looks
Still there were helping hands, smiling lips and lifted heads.

It’s the mixture of enlighten folk and baffled ones carried ahead
Because of this blend of strong and weak, trek was guided
Mountain had literally whispered the truth in obscured narration
He, who heard this verity, is the one who surely had his salvation.


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Well Vidi, reading 'Trek' I felt that I had set out on this journey myself! A journey of endurance, will power, introspection, and finally self-realisation - was really great! - Raj Nandy