to the other room, i lock myself
lie down on the bed, feet shaking
feeling my flesh become numb with the silence
i curl.
i wait.
i lay. silent.
i weep to the questions with no answers
how would i escape
if i place myself in seclusion?
yes, i am a liar.
yes, i am a sinner.
and yes, i am afraid.

now i surrender to the silence.
i surrender to the darkness.
surrender to the light.
leave everything behind.
who am i fooling?
every heartbeat throbs to my ear.
stare at the door
the dark sight of an empty space
the other side threatens to destroy
and in silence i remain.

your cruel words gush to my bloodthirst ear
as you go in circles
in my monotonous world
accuse me of betrayal
and i accuse you of stealing my soul.
dont wanna feel numb anymore.
dont wanna remain silent anymore.
let go. let go.
let me be.

by Velvet Astraea Dido

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