(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

Trend, Rend, Tend, End!

Trend, rend, tend, end!
Soft is the stain;
Boot, boost!
Often is the rain;
Xenon light,
To train your mind with love.

Soft and sweet,
But, with the pain from the chain around your leg;
Trend, rend, tend, end!
However, you are what you say you are when,
You are doing things secret in a hidden place without anybody watching you.

Strangers in the night! !
Where are you today?
I hope you are here to see to what i am today;
For, there is always hope in life.
Strangers in the dark!
Making things difficult for others;
Verse, converse, reverse, universe!
But, the death of love starts with anger.

Strangers in the light,
For far too long i have been waiting for this!
In this day and age;
But, let the truth lead the way and, do guide your mind with righteous works than evil.

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