Innocent Blood

Innocent bloods
Is no sacrifice to an akbar Allahu

Innocent blood
Is no food for God

Innocent blood
Is not the price of freedom

Innocent blood
Should make all gods puke
Yes! Yours too!

Weather Je Sui tCharlie or I Am Baga
Mike Brown or Eric Garner

Innocent lives matters
Bring back Our Girls

by Adetimilehin Inioluwa

Comments (8)

EEEEEEK! Great pace in this, though a little sad for me as I love these little creatures. Glad that you set up this write though.Love Duncan
Oh Mary would you like me to send you Amber Casper or Billy, they are all good mousers but Casper is the best. I too have so many mouse stories I could write a book on them. Your poem is great the flow just makes you feel for the tiny little rodent a great write cheers Sylvie
LOL! 'Mary Nagy, mean mouse-murderer'. Ha ha ha! ! Great fun. Gina.
Good on ya Mary - I thought this was funny and light despite Uriah's coments
This poem makes me sad, Mary.
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