AH (2/28/32 / Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida)

Trial And Error

Life, brings us down many roads and
not everyone, is good. We have to go
through many adjustments, that's
clearly, understood! It's impossible
to have a bed of roses, although we'd
like it to be. We just have to take,
what comes along and we do it,
reluctantly! There's no guarantees in
what you do, it's all trial and error.
No one knows the outcome and I doubt
they will ever! We just hope with time
and patience, we'll eventually, make our
way. For we know if you don't succeed at
first, you keep trying, anyway! Never
give up hope, your turn will come along
and you'll be in that very special place
in time. Sometimes, we have to wait for
the right moment, for things to fall, in

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Very true Audry. I've experienced it so many times, and am the beter for it. Beautiful inspirational poem. 10