Trials and Tribulations

The trials and tribulations of getting old,
And as the winters turn more cold,
You hear "You're not getting older, but better,"
Takes less brains than an "Irish Setter!"

It's remarkable there are such fools,
That uses such advertising tools,
To make it seem alright to ignore the fact,
That age is something we cannot retract!

And as we age it is easy to see,
What the majority is trying to be,
Pushing so hard for mediocrity,
And allow intellect to atrophy!

So many have aged yet never grew mature,
It is obvious when you see the manure,
Thrown around by television,
Done with such derision!

It makes one shudder and remain a recluse,
And for society have little use,
Thus for the trials and tribulations of age,
One finds few that become sage!

by Franklin J. Warren

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