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Trials Of Romanticism
RLB (February 14,1985 / Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Trials Of Romanticism

Poem By Robert L. Bixler III

In He walks, perfectly smart,
The one that every man should be.
One glance, He steals many a’ heart.
His finesse does every eye see.
Ear caressing words spoken
In palatable voice, an audible romance.
Hymns to heal the heartbroken;
Intonations to aide Love’s advance.
Upon sight and sound, her thoughts roam
As He is the one she would take home
For parental consent; Wedding bells chime in dance.

Though this future image is natural,
Of the romantic child’s truth,
Now, such actions deemed as in-actual
Since the young desire sweet-tooth
Candies that could decay thy very soul;
For the fresh hearted crave the entertaining one.
Wild antics, rash thoughts and a bad dole,
Know a boyfriend, single pun.
Troublesome and down-heartening they
May be, but they save the day
Because ups and downs, in love, make life joyous fun.

He is the ideal unite,
Steady in love, as steady in life.
Wiser heart, in a cold night,
Has settled down, tired of fun’s strife.
Infinite love given free-
From the one who has never changed his daily ways.
She learns, with new eyes, to see
He is the same as in the old days.
From a mere friend, nay the best,
He has been changed to her lovéd zest.
His heart patient and true, un-rushed embrace he lays.

Mirror'd dream of child, romantic dream,
Shall come true in given time;
If he holds true to the ideal's seam.
With age she shall learn to rhyme
Her truest desire of love with his type.
From transient fun to searching the infinite
She shall learn to disregard all hype.
Avoid loving the lack wit,
Marry the friend she could never date,
And leave wild, transient fun for late;
For this romantic child is the best love could knit.

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