Tribute To A Great American

A-mong the truly great men of all time, President Abraham Lincoln.
B-est deserves with Washington the adulation and homage of every nation.
R-eading by candlelight in the log cabin where he was born, the Holy Bible
A-nd the lives of Washington and Shakespeare, inspired the yearnings of his soul.
H-is experience as a rail splitter, field plower, boat rower and soldier,
A-ided greately to mold his sturdy frame to trod the rough roads of his goal.
M-ore self-study made him achieve his fame as a lawyer, politician, debater and congressman.
L-incoln as President met successfully the greatest crises in US history;
I-n the bitter civil war of the nation, He preserved the American Union.
N-ever did he doubt that in the end, "Right makes Might" as he once said.
C-ondemning slavery he issued the Emancipation Proclamation!
O-ften quoted are the classic gems of his writings and inspiring speeches.
L-incoln united his people and saved the Grandeur of American democracy.
N-ot even death by an assassin's gun, can dim the luster and undying memory
of this truly great American!

by Filomeno L. Pacis

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