Tribute To Dad

Dad, do you remember, your little tag-a-long?
The hand that clung to your hand
And matched your step so long.
Dad, do you remember
The time I sat behind you
Astride ole faithful Nell? We went to open the pasture gate
Before the rain fell.
You opened the gate and we started home,
The cows came following—
But for us it was too late,
For the thunder roared and the lightning flashed,
As up the lane we dashed.
Isn't it funny—we got all wet,
and I remember it yet. You took me on your milk route,
And many friends we had.
They often gave us cookies,
For me and my Dad.
I know, at times I got in your hair,
And did things not right;
But always knew you loved me
and prayed about my plight. You taught me to view with deep respect
The whole of God's creation;
And to see some good, in each generation.
I have a Heavenly Father,
and a King in Jesus too.
I've also been blessed, by the time
I've spent with you.
Dad, do you remember, the good times we had?
You deserve much credit,
and all my love, dear Dad.

by Eva O. Scott

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