Tribute To Inventors

Poem By Njousi Abang

Each time I pick up a new invention
I cannot but imagine what creativity
Can do to change the drudgery around
And reduce wastage of resources
And the loss of time that accompanies
Manual activities in all primitive societies.

Each time I pick up a new invention
I cannot but think of the inventors
Who have changed the world
And improved on the human condition
In ways that other ancients never knew
Or could ever imagine although some saw visions
And others dreamt dreams
And predicted what their sons would do.

Each time I pick up a new invention
I cannot but decide to invent something
So that those who come after me can enjoy
For how else can we repay the great inventors
If we cannot continue from where they ended.

Each time I pick up a new invention
I cannot but continue to thank God
For making a way where there seems to be none.
Thus, to all inventors and God Almighty
I doff my hat to thee and pray
That all should be for the glory
Of the most High God who made Heaven and earth

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U have different topics..i would if u do some rhyming part it will make it more interesting, ur ideas are nice n new.... so work on it i'm sure u will create some magic

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