RW (November 5,1968 / Opp, Alabama)

Tribute To Robert (Dedicated To My Friend Robert! He Will Be Sorely Missed!)

I will always remember your face,

a look of sadness and despair. I

wish I could have known how deep

your pain was. I wish I could have

saved you! People always say that it

wouldn't have made a difference but

I guess now we shall never know! You

were a caring man full of love in your

heart. I wish I could have made her

love you and maybe you would still be

here, with your red hair and sparkling

blue eyes as a gift to the world! I wish

I could have know that night that you

would take your life, instead of two weeks

later when I could do nothing but cry and

wish with all my heart that I could turn

back the wheels of time! Would it make

a difference? I'll never know... I'll

never know! But I will always wonder....

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