.5. See Food Diet

Please don’t buy me chocolates
No more greasy chips
Take away the cheesecake
It goes straight on my hips

Keep the biscuits hidden
Don’t give me full fat cheese
Ignore my constant pleading
Even when I’m on my knees

Instead give me a salad
Lots of things all green
Then try to help me eat it all
Even though I’m not too keen

Fresh fruits for my pudding
And give me lots of veg
But no more of that mange-tout stuff
That tastes like privet hedge

I need to lose a stone or two
To make me really glad
But I couldn’t leave the trifle
That you left there looking sad

© 2008 David Threadgold
Rambling Riddles & Rhymes

by David Threadgold

Comments (7)

Great and touching tribute. Of all your war poems, I think I liked this the most.
Your poem is so universal in its content, line of thought..a soldier anywhere, one who sacrificed his lives for others. What is it about a human being that pushes him to put others interest above his own, what is it about soldiers that goads them to face that fatal bullet, knowing the inevitable! Lovely write! Thank you.
a good reading your tribute to the fallen of WW1 - a tribute to all soldiers, anytime, who sacrificed their lives in the most horrific and stupid sin of us human beings: war!
A very nice tribute to our fallen soldiers. They should never be forgotten. Will remain always in our hearts. Nice.
Liked the tribute being conferred the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the cause of mother land who will never return home again.
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