C - H - R - I - S - T - M - A - S

When I was just a youngster - Christmas meant one thing
That I'd be getting lots of toys that day
It meant a whole lot diferent - When Mother sat me down
And taught me to spell CHRISTMAS this way!

C is for the Christ Child born upon this day
God's preciuos Christmas gift to all mankind
H for Herald Angels singing in the in the night
message for the Shepherds - Go and seek and find!

R means our Redeemer - to save us from our sin
Christ's journey from the Cradle to the Cross
I is for individuals each and everyone
must ask for God's forgiveness from sin's dross.

S is for the Star that led to Bethlehem
the prophets told the place - the place he would be born
T is for Three Wise Men they who travelled far
to see the Christ Child born in Christmas Morn.

M is for the Manger in the Stable where he lay
no room at the Inn - Is there room in your Heart?
A is Adoration from the Shepherds and Wise Men
who recognised the Saviour from the start.

S is for the Shepherds - folk like you and I
for Jesus is the Saviour of the World
no one is excluded - however low or high
His Global Banner of Salvation is unfurled!

So when you think of CHRISTMAS - read again this verse
Put CHRIST back into CHRISTMAS - that's where he belongs
He is the WAY &TRUTH & LIFE - The living Son of God
His LOVE & PEACE &JOY - in all our Christmas songs.

This poem is an extension of a much shorter one - enjoy.

by John Knight

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Poem is poignant and very apt
I am enjoy this poem Thanks for sharing this poem