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Trick Or Treating

Years ago on Halloween I wanted to wear costumes that were scary.
But my parents always made me go as the tooth fairy.
People laughed at me all over town.
It took years for me to live it down.
It was something that I always hated.
When I was a teenager, I never dated.
When I asked girls out, they always laughed.
Now all of these people are feeling my wrath.
I make them sorry that they made fun of me.
I bought the bank and I foreclose on their property.
They say I'm mean but I say Tough.
I tell them to start packing their stuff.
People have learned that laughing at me isn't a good thing to do.
If you laugh at me, I'll foreclose on you.

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Yikes....remind me never to make you mad! ! great piece! Hugs, Dee