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Tricker Treaters [holidays]
(12/31/1968 / hudson falls, new york)

Tricker Treaters [holidays]

'Tricker Treaters'
Oh how cute, a princess
Look at this, a cowboy and a cow girl
Right behind them, a couple of Indians
Well will you look at that, a pirate
Now a knight
Haven't seen that one in years
A policeman, a firefighter
Look at this one dear
For the fourth straight year
A boy has dressed up as a prince
Hey dear, another super hero
Look at that lion
There's a farmer here dear
Hey look a rabbit
Hey dear here's one you'll like
A hockey player
Look a rock star
A baseballer, basketball player, afootballer
We have a pilot here, he's earned his wings
Look an alien
Wonder where that kid found that costume
Oh dear, another spooky costume
Look another ghost
Come quick dear, you want to see this one
This is your favorite entertainer, cab Calloway
Oh wait, it isn't Cab
It's the neighbor's kid back from his uncles wedding
Bringing back your awl
Look a hunter, a fisherman
He looks like a younger you dear
Oh will you look at that
It's Cousin Itt from the Addams Family
Ooh more scary costumes
We had devils, zombies, and vampires
Now there's Frankenstein on our front stoop
We now have a golfer
Ooh an angel, she's earned her wings too
Don't see too much of them
At our front stoop on Halloween
Can you imagine that
A parent dressed their kid up as a wine taster
Oh, no wait
It's just your cousin Leonard
Bringing you some wine that you may enjoy
Look a wizard, another hobo
We have a king and queen
Can you believe this dear, another clown
It's the 11th one tonight
This year it's very popular
Jesus Christ it's Jesus Christ
Wow here's an original, a bed wetter
Oh, no dear
It's just the neighbor's kid
Get him the hair dryer
And some of your cologne
So it won't appear he's done something in his pants
Here's a nurse, a surgeon, a priest and a nun
Hey look at the Johnson's kid
He's Mark Twain this year
They may look cute to you
In reality, these kids are putting on a deceptive act
With these disguises that make them seem innocent
While they masquerade around town
In fact, they're concealing what they actually are
A bunch of sugar hungry begging addicts
That the corporations has molded through TV ads
And the parents who let them become this way
I have detected who these kids really are
Beneath these disguises

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

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