Tricks To Treat

Tricks to treat become less sweetened,
When the novelty of it...
Is discovered to have a permanence,
That begins to sicken entire environments.
And the increase of this is witnessed,
On a daily basis.

'I thought those walking from door to door,
And dressed from head to toe in protective clothing...
Were costumes they adorned for Halloween?
But Halloween approached and left,
Those folks continue doing the same thing.'

~And gasoline prices with the cost of living,
Are both coming down as the economy is restored...
To return to a quality of life I remember,
To disregard a sacrifice we all had to endure...
That ensures those standards once valued are protected,
With evidence revealed of a comeback to happier times for all.
And those you see dressed in protective gear,
Are ambassadors of goodwill.~

'I'm serious.'

~I am too.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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