Tricks With Vessels

'I am nothing but a mere raft of soil' -Murari Sinha

Water emptied
From one clear glass
To another:
Water into wine.

Then in reverse,
One drunk cup.

A mast set
Adrift and ablaze
In the night.

Horatio and the ship escape.

An empty clay jar
With the glow
Of a flame.

Visibly drunk people,
With their heads
On fire:
'The Light is found',
Or at least the oil.

A glass jar
Crawling with
Glowing things.

Letting them free,
And they, knowing it,
Fly out...

Spirits in bottles:
Detergent and a black light.


A cup, fish-baskets, warm oils,
Magic birds feeding Prophets,
And inkwells that never run out.

Loving always some muse
More than yourself.

by Alek Lenth

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