Floods rising as
Easily as toy boats
Escaping a crude
Levee today...

Tell me what you
Hold inside-
It's written on your
Soft skin and gentle innuendo.

To keep it away,
Obscured by
Undulating signals I
Can't decipher only
Holds us adrift.

Over the chopping waters,
Hope does still float proud.

Rage on, passionate beast!
Always so hungry and unfulfilled,
Yearning to devour again.

Only on your lossy
Feathery wings can we both fly.

Hide what they don't understand,
Of hearts in
Perfect tandem,
Every moment inching closer...

Let me wear you
On my sleeve, my possessing
Vice, a perfect kiss,
Evolved from its blindness.

Make it all new, a mere
Epiphany leading to ecstasy.

Linger on the fringe of my heart,
Invited in soft nakedness, to
Kill the innocence of
Every misplaced tear.

New life, and erotic implosion
Exuding into the moment as
Virility strikes a healthy chord, and
Ends the tale of your
Rejection and loneliness.

Before time began, I knew you.
Educating each other in the
Fine art of total surrender
Over seasons, lifetimes, and
Returning to the death of
Existence, it will all still be ours.

by Tsani Jones

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