Tried To Shower Away This Pain

I try to shower away this pain
But it comes right back to me
Hits me as I'm through
Then I'm filled with pain all over again

Sighing cause I have nothing to be happy about
Thought I could shower away this pain
But my thoughts just got washed down the drain

Now I realize I'm forced to stick with this pain for life
Wanting the pain to just go away
But I know that will never happen
Stuck here all alone

Wishing that someone would just kill this pain
Take it away from me for good
Cause I've tried everything to rid this pain and misery

And nothing works
Thought I could just shower this pain away
But that didn't even work
Thought I could drown out the pain

But now I'm stuck here writing away this pain
Hoping that it will relieve a part of this misery
Cause its hard for me not to want to die

Showering this pain didn't work
It stuck back to me like a magnet
I really don't want to die
But this pain is forcing me otherwise

January 1,2008
made up (kinda)


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