MA (7th February / Lagos, Nigeria)


Out of this mind in my trance

Three men from earth are in bond.

The one thrown to all as mad

The other from all heart a lover

The third speaks of them in this piece

And in many imaginations

Called a poet.

My fellow the first escapes

From his mind by mystical causes

Ruminating with the spirits

That employ his shame to their praise

He cuts himself at their will

Eats from their kitchen in the bin

His head of mysteries filled

His understanding profits nothing

To all mortals who will die

He carries with him legions

Hidden within for all drama.

This fellow man lover

To all foolish things a slave

Controls by earth various fantasies

In his short dreams of passing times

For him the earth is a circle

And must sleep around the walls

To his wake

Driven by sober shows in words

From oath to oath

All the lovers of this earth

Have to foolish times surrendered.

And for him that is last

Shuttling around the secrets of gods

With frenzied eyes rolling

In captivity of numberless imagination

Gathering stones and carving the earth.

From the passage into all mysteries

Transform shapelessness and naming objects

Of thousand years nothing.

Unlike a lunatic speaks to men

And like lovers to one object

He is a fool.

His pen.

by macaulay akinbami

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