CE (April! 16,1997 / Hammond Louisiana)

Trinity Garden Bloods 4ever

Trinity Garden Bloods 4ever
Poem by Cmack Estevez

I grew with friends from Elementary
I grew with bloods in Middle School that I knew in 2nd grade.
But I never screw up in the poverty North East side streets of Screwtown.
Jasper Aaron Banks was my homeboy for life from sixth to eight grade he kept me away from the gang stuff.
He knew I had potential in something unique and special so he wanted me to focus on my writing while he gang bangs.
He told me there's more in life than being all hard and banging.
He was my nigga till the end
We share
We care
We ride
We didn't hide
We had everything in common when it came to rap and movies.
Jasper was like a friendly Casper that influence my worrisome life to the optimistic road.
But what struck me was that he ended up being paralyzed by a group of disgraceful wannabe Crabs that dress like crap with bullets bleeding out on his lower back Lord it should've been me not him.
His life was ruined when he ended up in a wheelchair.
He was only 13 like my age .
He was so young and so was I.
A victim by the hands of a wannabe
They might've wet my homeboy up but they couldn't shut him up forever with them bullets
My homeboy still lives.
I love this guy like a brother and always eternally.
He's wasn't no water to me he was thicken blood to me in my sickening system.
He was my family.
But all I know is that I made it as a poet and this is dedicated to all the bloods that I respected growing up with in Houston for 12 years and to the other bloods in the society stay up and keep your head up.
Jasper is my ride and die till the end
Titus Devante Scott is my side nigga
Jamarkus Dwayne Henry my ride and die till the end
And everybody that I grew with in Trinity Gardens in Houston down to that 77016 I'm still loyal and bout it.
Trinity Garden Bloods 4ever till the casket drops.

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Wowwwwwww.... In Trinidad I never lived in a war stricken area, I respect and admire you for sharing this personal experience. I hope Jasper walks again, God gave him a second chance in life, his heart seems to be in the right place. Thank you God bless you Chris :) Atasha.