NS (10-05-1982 / India)


-In Permanence-

If this was a slice of paradise…
where would you be?
If you’d never see the sun
rise and fall asleep
in all its crimson glory….
Would you still be?


A momentary blink;
a period of quiet
Shadows morphing
into times gone by..

Step inside,
the shallows to wade.
Trace steps to the place
from where you led.

Tell me…
Would you bleed
To feel that you had no fear
were sincere

Tell me…
Would you pay the price
switch disguise
to feel whole and sane
once again..?

So wonderful to walk down this lane…
To touch
To hear
To feel
To smell
To taste
The beauty
That your eyes once held
once again…?

Picture this
A perfect dream
Push the earth
To rock the swing
Spin the hand
And spin the disk

(Its your turn
To turn the wheel…)

Turn your face
Turn the stream
Turn around
And head upstream..

(Its your turn
to turn the wheel…)

Its your turn
to turn the wheel…


The wind mourns outside…
Where neon red outlines
Neon blue lies
In pulsing white lights
And we will be forever…
And we will watch the sun
Rise high, forever
In each others eye
And we will be together…
Forever and ever…
Until we grieve….
Ever denied…
In these lines...
forever resigned…
washed away..
by the sands of time…
In forever for ever
For ever for ever…

by Nume Sine

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